About Jennifer

JenniferJennifer is an author, speaker and interviewer with a wildly varied background, from IT and hi-tech software design to running her own Home Staging company in New Zealand for seven years.

It has been a long-time dream to live and write in France, now achieved, with regular trips to the United Kingdom to get a fix of fluent communication.

Jennifer is a novelist with six fiction books currently published. The theme running through these roller-coaster stories is of people finding and following their dreams.

Her latest work is autobiographical. Easy – Stories from an effortlessly created life, is about her own experience of making the practical aspects of life easy so she can get the important things done. Her books are available from Amazon.com, Book Depository and all eBook publishers. Search on author name Jennifer Manson.

11 thoughts on “About Jennifer

  1. Hello I was referred to you through a new friend I made at an event in Toronto (Mariela Guzman).

    I would love to get help to finish my book. I’m looking for a ghostwriter I can meet with in person.
    Are you here in France this year?
    If we met here in France, how long would it take us to do this. I live in Paris but I can come to you where you are, unless you’d like to come out here.

    Please let me know what’s the soonest we could meet since I may be heading to the states in a few months.

    Thanks much.

    Nora Serna

  2. Dear Jennifer,
    Great to meet you at Linda’s book launch. Loved the clarity of your purpose and your websites.
    Looking forward to reading Easy and the new novel.

    Am flying off to Spain tomorrow for two weeks so will download onto Kindle.

    Let’s stay in touch, Very best wishes, Angela

  3. Absolutely, I’d like to meet for coffee next week.
    I’m free most days between about 9 and 3.

    Looking forward to more wonderful easy conversation…

  4. Hi Jennifer
    We’ve met via the Oxfordshire Project, Ben passed me your book – which resonated (and Carlos has also praised you).
    A friend of mine has produced a booklet and wants help with publicising it to a wider audience. Is this something you could help with?
    Thanks in advance

  5. Hi Jennifer , I found out about you through Lucy Whittington. Who I have been chatting to about my thing which is a bit off a thing and a half. I have written a little book with a big message in the book I share my very personal story sharing the the land marks that set em on my path. I explain how I with acceptance, changing my believe about my self and that we have a choice. My is only sixty pages. My other idea is the be interviewed and then a bio would be written. The reason I am looking for help is that a I would write my story very matter a fact . I would like to have a chat with you if possible please. My story is not your every day story hear out been in the open. The reason I am telling my story is to give people hope and inspiration that they can change for live and over come adversity and challenges. Perhaps we can speak on Skype or on he phone depending if you in France or in the UK. I look forward to hear from you. Have a great day. Best wishes Angelika 07974942007

  6. I have read your website. I am at the beginning stages of writing a book -and have followed your advice on step 1. I see that you run 2-3 days session to help the process along. Is this something that you still do? Could explain how this would work and a sense of cost?

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind Regards


  7. Hi Jennifer, your name came up in a presentation by Lucy Whittington this weekend and I was immediately intrigued to get in touch with you. A bit about me – I’m an Ayurveda specialist, meditation teacher, and founder Tri-Dosha. I’m also a business journalist by trade. There is a book I would like to write and share about a very powerful spiritual experience I had 6 years ago. Looking forward to hearing from you. Kind wishes, Sunita

  8. Hi my names Alice, I live with your daughter in Nikau apartments in Nelson NZ. shes pretty awesome and i’m sure a great credit to you
    have a great day

  9. Hi Jennifer,

    I have heard good things about your ability to help get a book out of someone’s head! Could you get in touch with me to discuss.



  10. Hi Jennifer
    Last week came across a copy of Slow Time in a bookstore in Bexley London.
    A nice touch is that its copy 188 of 500 and signed J !
    Iam enjoying this read and its a change to add a NZ author to my very much biased Australian writers book shelf !