Future Creation Session

Guided imagination to your next dream…

Future creation combines NLP, guided self-hypnosis, Sense Reset Technique.

The idea is you come with one thing you would like to add or change in your life. Working with your natural style we will imagine how it will look, sound, feel.

We will use my Sense Reset Technique to instil a sense of calm and confidence that you can access again whenever you think about your goal. Then we’ll build your complete life around it, so everything fits together in a way that brings you joy.

Finally, you will receive an audio recording after the session so you can listen and re-experience it whenever you wish.

Email me at jennifermanson444 at gmail.com to find out more or book your session.

£100 per session. One session is usually enough for one goal/dream – but if you enjoy it, you might want to come back for another…